20 Years of Maks Company – Anniversary Commemoration in 2016

In 2016 Maks Company proudly celebrated its 20th anniversary. The company was founded in 1995 by Kamran Mammadov, who believed in Maks Company’s future, relying on his vision and high entrepreneur spirit. He said, “Our philosophy is simple – if we want to be successful, we need to be committed to our success, as this is the key to open any doors… and if there is no door of opportunity, then build one.”

This trend has continued and has become one of the main cultural elements of Maks Company. The company today has turned into one of the most advanced industry leaders in the region and enjoys a strong positon in the market. With each year, since the year of foundation, Maks Company develops ideas and continuously focuses on innovation and expansion while delivering better services for clients and environments in which we work.

Kamran Mammadov, General Director of Maks Company, said “Every company has a culture and only those with a strong culture realize that it is people who make a difference. We are fortunate to have strong individuals as a part of our team and we are determined to celebrate our success looking forward to another 20 years and more in the industry.”

Event Series. To mark our success in Maks Company’s history as a milestone, we will be organizing a series of events and celebrate it with our esteemed staff, clients, business partners and friends of Maks Company family. We are open to your feedback and looking for better ways to serve your needs.

The events we will be launching for our clients in 2016 will not only be of celebration nature, but will also serve as a sign of two-way communication, as we would like to hear more from our clients. The more we hear, the better we can serve you. After all, we are designed to build a trust as solid as concrete.™