Maks Company is an Azerbaijani company executing a full range of works related to building and construction of oil and gas industry, upgrades and refurbishment on rig both onshore and offshore.

The principle objective of the Quality Policy Statement of the company is to assure that services provided, fully meet our contractual obligations in terms of quality promises, cost and program. We aim to conduct ourselves in a manner which facilitates sustainability and provides opportunity for new and existing clients.

Procedures described in this statement have been introduced for the purpose of maintaining sound quality assurance practices within clients, that conform to the requirements of the current issue of ISO 9001:2008

We would also anticipate receiving the same high standards of quality and professionalism from our suppliers in order to ensure that our highly respected reputation is at least matched.

Objectives needed to ensure that the requirements of this Policy are met and that continual improvement the effectiveness of the quality management system is maintained in line with the spirit of the policy will be set, determined, analyzed and monitored at Management Review.

We shall ensure that all our personnel understand and fully implement our Company’s Policies and Objectives and are able to perform their duties effectively through an ongoing training and development program.